Friday, 30 March 2007

ecoescape launches!

Yesterday was the official launch day of ecoescape. To mark the occasion the ecoescape bicycle trailer took its maiden voyage to deliver copies of ecoescape around the capital starting in Bethnal Green, East London. Stops along the way included Duke of Cambridge pub and the Britain and London visitor centre taking the Regent's Canal to Islington.

Next to Regent's Canal showing off the ecoescape tee-shirt and the trailer!

Outside the Britain and London Visitor Centre checking the route back.

Events were then followed by launch drinks (rhubarb bellinis to be precise!) at Acorn House Restaurant, one of the green
businesses featured in ecoescape. The restaurant opened in 2006 and follows strict sustainability principles. A delicious menu followed and a great time was had by all (suffering a little bit today mind you).

Acorn House Restaurant, King's Cross, London

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Give me an E!

Well the spring bulbs are in bloom and we're pleased to announce that the ecoescape bulbs are starting to come up trumps. From the photos below you can see that we have a perfectly formed 'p' and 'e' but lacking in the rest of the word which has yet to flower. However, we're ever optimistic and sitting tight to capture the long awaited 'ecoesca..' to create our blooming marvellous hillside spectacular in the sprawling conurbation known to locals as Clifton (Notts). The story continues...