Friday, 18 April 2008

Lucky chocolates

I rarely win prizes. So when the little package arrived in the post this morning, I delighted at its contents - Choco La La Chocolates! Described as chocolates of gorgeousness, I soon found myself trying hard to resist eating them all in one go.

I won the chocolates on the Green Union website, as I'm trying to organise my green wedding for 2009. Signing up to a newsletter was little effort for my reward of Choco La La. The chocolates are all fairtrade and created to the highest eco standards - no plastic packaging here. Just minimal paper and a cool funky tin that I'll no doubt find a use for.

So it's back to the chocolates and luckily I have a year to go before I have to fit into that all important wedding dress.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Recession proof and green holidays

Over on ecoescape's website, I've written an article about recession proof holidays in the UK. It's interesting to see that the view of travel in Britain is rapidly changing not least because for the first time in ages it's actually cheaper to travel here rather than abroad.

Having worked on the ecoescape book, I've got to know lots of budget and green travel ideas in the UK, particularly for families. So in the article, I've given a few ideas and tips for budget and eco-travel just on our doorsteps.

We can save money AND go green! Hurrah!

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