Saturday, 15 December 2007

We fought and won

Well, in my last month of living in Nottingham (yes, I'm leaving for the Big Smoke), I managed to help save the local Post Office. It appears that those people at PO Ltd took leave of their senses for a while but came back to us and declared that Melton Road Post Office would stay open! Hoorah. Christmas came early for Tripta and Vijay, the ameniable Post Mistress and Master who'll be missed very much when I leave to go and live in Brixton in January. They were grateful for my efforts in putting together the petition which amounted to over 4,000 signatures all told.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Laura at the Cross at Kingussie

OK, so I've been on the road on my own for a while now. Moments of either boredom or mild insanity lead me to taking random self timer pictures and here's one of them (right). It's at The Cross Hotel in Kingussie in Scotland.

It was a great place - the food was special in particular. All the produce is sourced locally and it tastes just great too. I had smoked salmon in a simple lime and ginger marinade for starter and delicious halibut for main course. Much of the food is organic too.