Thursday, 14 September 2006

following the Future Footprints

Today I found out about the Future Footprints group based in the South West of England. Future Footprints, led by Lynn Gibbons is funded by Sustainability South West and was set up to promote sustainable tourism by embedding sustainability into the visitor experience. And this summer clearly has been a busy one for them.

With 80% of the South West's tourists arriving by car, the challenge is on to persuade travellers to swap the car for more sustainable forms of transport. And I'm told the possibilities are growing by the day. With a "Rail Ale Trail", what better excuse can you have for leaving the car behind and doing a pub crawl to end all pub crawls? Then there's the increasing network of cycle paths and routes criss-crossing one of England's most visited regions. And save money at the same time. A number of attractions have incentivized sustainable transport by offering visitors arriving by people-powered or public transport a discounted entry.

Future Footprints has devised innovative ways of promoting its sustainable tourism products so keep an eye out when you're next in the west country.

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