Monday, 13 November 2006


This autumn sees the ecoescape art project plant its seedlings and spread its message. We need your help!

With the earnestness of the climate change debate, ecoescape aims to build a portfolio of images which etch the message in pollution and in nature. Using (but not disrupting) nature, the letters can be spelt out above ground, or even better, planted beneath the ground to blossom next spring coinciding with ecoescape's official launch. We can send you bulbs which can be planted between now and December.

Along side the positive fruition of nature, we need the message to be drawn in places which have seen the negative effects of pollution, climate change and carbon emissions - for example the side of the road, a dirty vehicle, dirt from a power station..

Arrange, draw, plant, create and take a photograph of your art work. Post to this blog site or email

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