Monday, 12 February 2007

eco Sound escape

Andrew Greenman (Soul Jazz Records) has kindly put together the soundtrack to ecoescape, available to preview and buy on itunes. Here's what he has to say about the mix...

"Borrowing the ‘highly original’ concept of dawn to dusk and the seasonal spin-cycle, Ecosoundescape is our little gift. The imix draws on a wide range of genres that float around ecoescape HQ. We start of in the ‘small hours’ with Brit Folk survivor John Martyn, its not sure if this the start of a new day or the continuation of the night before. But we move on over to Japan, sonically not physically, to take in the ‘shinsen’ (or fresh) morning air. Back in the UK, Brian Eno and Max Richter sooth us into the early morning, before Nina Simone heralds in the new day in proper fashion.

The next section features many a natural reference and lots of Vitamin D enhancing sunshine. Merz offers us a paean to a butterfly; Norway’s Todd Terje mixes up the ‘route of the sun’ (Camino del Sol), whilst Sade asks us to Cherish the Day, Horace Andy (also of Massive Attack) covers Bob Marely’s Natural Mystic and Nick Drake invites us to watch the River Man. As we slip into the afternoon we get lost in a Forest, courtesy of Nouvelle Vague’s lounge pop cover of the Cure classic, before Air settle us into a pre-sunset cocktail with ‘le solei est pres de moi’ (the sun is close to me).

Somewhere between day and night, or summer and autumn comes the sounds of the Scottish Highlands finest, with Boards of Canada’s ‘a beautiful place out in the country’ evening and winter encroach Vashti Bunyan reminds us there is warmth in that golden autumnal glow of a rosehip November. Finally Welshman extraordinaire, Gruff Rhys, offers us his beacon in the darkness, before Talk Talk wind things down as its getting late in the evening."

Eco Sound escape is available to preview on itunes with some footnotes:

1. We preferred the original nina simone version of here comes the sun, whereas itunes only carries the Francois Kervokian mix, nothing against FK mind.

2. Winter Music is Roger Eno’s Between Tides Lp, whereas itunes attributes it to Harold Budd? Again nothing against Mr Budd, but be sure to note the song should be attributed to Roger Eno. We found it on the excellent Compounds + Elements: An Introduction To All Saints Records.

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