Wednesday, 31 October 2007

New ecoescape website!

When I began working on ecoescape back in 2006, I had in the back of my mind that an online version of the book would be a good idea. That thought was put to one side as I concentrated on getting the book together for launch in spring this year.

Much to my relief you loved the book. However, the website question resurfaced as the book gained in popularity. A number of cyber surfers - of all ages I might add - felt a bit left out. For them books were good, websites are better.

So, in the spirit of inclusiveness, I got my thinking cap back on to see how I could make a web version of the book. I'd already had a go at building a website. And, despite the fact that it received some polite praise, I thought against the idea of building the new site myself (even after borrowing a book about web-databases from the library!). So that meant raising some money. I was lucky to receive some more Big Lottery Funding and a small donation from the Co-operative Bank customer fund, which together was enough to pay a company to build me a shiny new website.

It wasn’t difficult choosing a web company. In fact that was the easy part. When I first met Jez from
Make Hay in my Nottingham office, he was so obliging and friendly that I knew he’d get me up and running on the internet before long. The best thing is that Make Hay is an ethical company and can power my website with the wind. My kind of people.

I know that there’s lots of other people to thank and I hope I have thanked you personally. So all that’s left to be said is I hope this website continues the message of responsible escapism I started in my little book. And there’s lots more happening in 2008 with ecoescape. The best way to find out is to sign up for the eco-logue – ecoescape’s monthly newsletter.

Laura x
Founder, ecoescape

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