Thursday, 31 July 2008

The wonderful world of wikis and web 2.0

My fiance sometimes works in schools with children. The other day he came home and said he learnt a new word that day from the kids and challenged me to 'translate'. The word was 'Neek'. And I knew exactly what it meant: it's a conjunction of the words Nerd and Geek. So perhaps meaning a Super Nerd, or whatever. The point was that Andy thought it was an apt way of describing me, or my latest project.

I've recently been immersed in the book: Wikinomics by Dan Tapscott (left). It's a history, critique, and celebration of Web 2.0. It goes into heaps of detail about how the web is changing and consumers are becoming prosumers and an important part of the creative process.

At about the same time I discovered Square Space - a platform for creating one's very own Web 2.0. It's full of widgets and wonderdum which allow you to piece together your own website or should I say 'platform' as websites are for losers - according to Wikinomics. So anyway, I tried it out for myself and got busy with the tools and functions and quickly realised that it was the answer to what I've been looking for and satisfies all that is good and great about Web 2.0. So hooray, ecoescape members will soon have their very own networking site which will grow organically and in line with what they want. Let's hope they like it! And I'll continue in my Neekness.

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