Friday, 28 March 2008

Metal in Motion : David Cameron

A strange day was yesterday. I ventured into the RSA to hear Ed Gillespie talk about his low carbon travels around the globe. That wasn't the strange bit though even though I greatly enjoyed his lively presentation and the debate that followed.

The strange occurance came on the way up to the room where the lunchtime lecture was to take place. Upon arrival in the RSA, I was surprised to see that the entrance lobby was overcrowded with people who I soon realised were members of the Conservative Party. Fine, I thought, I'll just try and get through them to reach the staircase to the meeting room.

As I walked through the doorway that led to a narrow corridor, I spotted the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, walking towards me. I mustn't stare, thought I, and instead I decided to have a smile at the ready should he make eye contact. As it turned out, he was in conversation with a fellow party member so I was in no danger of making any eye contact with him. But much to my surprise and bewilderment, as he passed me he caught my shoulder sending me crashing into the wall! And without so much as a cursory glance or better still, an apology!

So there was I, just thinking about changing my political swaying, when a harsh reality check kicked in, and I tried to figure out whether it was Mr Cameron's apparent unconcern, unawareness, or perhaps more radical still, his iron body that left me a bit beaten in that corridor.

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