Monday, 20 July 2009

Location Aware Bikes - The Copenhagen Wheel

Where else in the world would you be able to test out the madly wonderful idea of location aware cycling but Copenhagen? The mad professors at MIT shunned their Boston locality to test out some of their most exciting ever cycling projects, all bubbling away nicely in their SENSEable City Lab.

The Copenhagen Wheel is all about creating connections between the city's cyclists through clever location-aware devices embedded into the wheels of the bicycles. The devices will help map the flow of cycle traffic around this cycle-mad city and contribute to creating an even more cycle-friendly and sustainable Danish capital. Exciting, huh?

The electric wheels can be retrofitted into any normal bicycle. They contain location and environmental sensors which are powered by the bike wheel and in turn provide data for a variety of applications, not least to connect with your Facebook contacts while on the go. It'll also make it fiendishly difficult for thieves to make off into the sunset with your beloved wheels.

We'll be watching their space for updates on the project. For now, go to for more info.

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